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City University of New York                                   Borough of Manhattan Community College           Department of English


In order to take ENG 201, you must have passed ENG 101.

In this course, you will further develop the skills you learned in ENG 101.  


In this course, we learn more about the writing process by writing about literature.  We read and discuss interesting works from three genres — poetry, fiction, and drama — and then write analytical essays about them.


We also learn much more about grammar and style.  As we work to make the content of our essays more logical, coherent, and complex, we also learn how to make our writing style more clear, concise, and elegant.  


Through practice, feedback, discussion, and lectures, I will help you hone your writing skills at all levels: from the word, to the phrase, to the sentence, to the paragraph, and finally to the essay as a whole.  


Your daily responsibilities in this course will be to attend regularly and on time, do the readings and homework, listen to the lectures, participate in class discussions, and complete all in-class exercises.  Your major work will be to write two short analytical essays, complete a longer documented paper based on library/electronic research, and take a final exam.